program [prō′gram΄, prō′grəm]
[< LL & Fr: Fr programme < LL programma < Gr, edict < prographein, to write in public < pro-, before + graphein, to write: see PRO-1 & GRAPHIC]
1. Obs.
a) a proclamation
b) a prospectus or syllabus
a) the acts, speeches, musical pieces, etc. that make up an entertainment, ceremony, etc.
b) a printed list of these
3. a scheduled broadcast on radio or television
4. a plan or procedure for dealing with some matter
5. all the activities that can be participated in at a community center, camp, resort, etc.
6. a logical sequence of coded instructions specifying the operations to be performed by a computer in solving a problem or in processing data
7. a series of operations which may be used to control the functions of an electronic device
programmed or programed, programming or programing
1. to enter or schedule in a program
2. to prepare the questions and answers for (a textbook or a teaching machine to be used in programmed instruction)
a) to plan a computer program for (a task, problem, etc.)
b) to furnish (a computer, chip, etc.) with a program
c) to incorporate in a computer program
4. to set the program of (an electronic device)
5. to predispose to behave in a certain way, have a certain mindset. etc.; condition [to program a child for failure]
to plan or prepare a program or programs: Also [Chiefly Brit.] Brit. programme
programmable [prō gram′ə bəl, prō′grəmə bəl]
adj., n.

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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